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Student Code of Conduct

Old Redford Academy School District believes in the development of each student’s potential for learning in a positive, orderly, and safe school environment. To help each student reach that potential, it is necessary for schools to be free of disruptions that interfere with teaching and learning activities. Students, parents, and staff must assume a responsible role in promoting behavior that encourages learning and develops individual potential; just as discipline procedures are necessary in order to protect the rights of each member of the school community, effective student discipline can only be achieved if there is cooperation and shared commitment among students, parents and staff. The school district has the right to have disorderly and/or disrespectful individuals removed from the school setting.

The Student Code of Conduct is an official declaration of policy of the Old Redford Academy Board of Education. Provisions in the Student Code of Conduct apply to all students in grades Pre-K – 12. Differences in age and maturity are recognized and will be considered when determining intervention strategies or disciplinary actions.

The Student Code of Conduct is in effect:

  1. When students are traveling to or from school, including bus transportation.
  2. When students are present in or on district property.
  3. When students are at any school-sponsored activity, regardless of location.
  4. When students are using school telecommunication networks, social media accounts and/or other services.
  5. When students are engaged in misconduct in the community that interferes with the educational process at school.